How to Buy Snow Boots and Winter Boots for Kids


How to Buy Snow Boots and Winter Boots for Kids​

Choosing the Right Boots for Toddlers

Keep a few simple things in mind when shopping for winter boots and snow boots for toddlers.

It can be difficult enough to buy shoes and winter clothing for toddlers and winter shoes don’t make it easier. There is a difference between snow boots and winter boots; snow boots usually being heavier insulated and waterproof. Keep these simple tips in mind to help aid in shopping for winter boots or snow boots for small boys and girls.

Waterproof Boots for Kids

It is almost a necessity in children’s winter boots that they be waterproof to not only protect tiny toes from wet snow, but wet feet can be extremely dangerous for toddlers. It is suggested that waterproof uppers (where the toes are) provide the best protection from water.

It is also a good idea to purchase snow boots that can either be tied snuggly at the top or closed to keep snow from creeping down into the boot. The soles, or bottoms of the boot should be rubber for water protection and serves as a form of traction as well.

Insulated Boots for Warmth

Especially if in a cold climate, insulated boots are a must in children’s winter boots. The insulation is usually made of sheepskin, fleece , shearling or an insulated synthetic fabric, and is found around the leg area to keep water and snow out and to keep the legs and feet warm as well. Thinsulate is a popular material used to insulate boots and occasionally can be found as a removable liner. Be careful though that the insulation is not so warm that it causes the toddler’s feet to sweat, which can result in extra cold feet.

Durable Boots to Last Awhile

Winter boots can be spendy so it’s important when shopping to look for a boot that may last a couple seasons. Nothing can stop the fact that kid’s feet grow at record speeds, but if lucky, one may be able to purchase a boot that will last a while. Look for snow boots with removable lines that can double as rain boots in the spring and rainy seasons.

Toddlers Need Comfortable Boots

Zip up boots and boots with toggle ties in the front make them easier to slip on and run outside. Make sure the snow boots are the right fit and are neither flopping around when the child runs or so tight that they are uncomfortable. Boots are clunky enough without a child worrying that he or she will lose there’s in a snow fort or extra deep snow and nothing will make a boy or girl refuse snow boots more than boots that don’t feel right or deter them from maneuvering properly in the snow.

Buying winter boots and kids snow boots can seem daunting but just considering a few small elements to look for can make the process a little easier. Mainly look for waterproof boots that include the necessary insulation and are comfortable for the toddler’s feet. Most of all, try to find boots the child adores. If they don’t like wearing them, the winter boots will likely be a waste of money.

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